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In the world of theater, talent counts but chemistry is king.

Eva Shaw loves her job as an administrative assistant at The Red Curtain Theater Company. She spends her days daydreaming about playing pretend alongside the lead actor, Adam “Those-Abs-Are-To-Die-For” Rice. Adam is the envy of all as he commands the stage and his leading ladies.

Life is good for Eva as she watches the drama of the theater unfold from behind the safety of her admin desk…until she’s asked to star opposite Adam in their new production.

Thrust into the spotlight with the hottest actor around, Eva doesn’t know what to do. Sure, they have chemistry on stage, but her experience doesn’t hold a candle to the pros acting alongside her. And it shows.

Taking pity on Eva, the Stage Manager, Owen, helps her to get a handle on what it means to be a performer. He’s surprisingly supportive and completely adorkable. The more time they spend together, the less she’s thinking about how perfect an Adam and Eva love story would be. Should she forget about the man who used to get her all hot and bothered for the dorky, but lovable Owen?

Waiting in the Wings is the first stand-alone novel in The Red Curtain Romance series. If you like love triangles, forced proximity, and fish-out-of-water romances, then you’ll love Dani Bannister’s contemporary romance with a hint of heat.

Buy Waiting In The Wings and fall in love with the world of theater!

*Includes excerpts of an in-book script written by Maine playwright, Randy Hunt.

No groom? No problem.

Jasmine Fairchild has been left at the altar. Literally. With the bouquet still in her hands, she’s determined not to let her cheating ex have all the fun. She wasn’t going to waste her honeymoon to The Bahamas. She was still going. All she needed was a ‘groom.’

Fortunately for her, there was a waiting church of people. Surely, one of them would want a free week-long cruise in exchange for getting fake married on the spot. It didn’t even matter who she took with her, as long as she didn’t have to go alone. That would be too humiliating.

Will Jasmine nab herself a volunteer from the waiting crowd willing to drop everything to leave the country with her simply so she can avoid dealing with reality? And more importantly, would her volunteer be cute?

Find out in Where You Left Me, Vol. 1-5, a red-hot contemporary lust-to-lovers romance novella series. If you like your romance with a lot of heart, humor, and heat, then you’ll love Dani Bannister’s sizzling series.

Say ‘I do’ and get swept away today!

A sexy friends-to-lovers story

“I have a huge favor to ask.”

Chloe Clark’s smoking-hot neighbor and best friend, Liam, needed her help. To practice his kissing. Chloe knew it wasn’t a joke. Liam was socially awkward, and on the spectrum, which was why he was still single at 33. Women didn’t understand Liam the way Chloe did. Yeah, he was odd, but he was her bestie. She had her issues, too. Like always falling for the wrong guys. That’s what made them work as besties. They accepted each other for who they were. No pretending. No games. Perfectly platonic. 

So when Liam asked Chloe for help to get him ready for a second chance date with his high school sweetheart she could hardly say no. After all, Liam was woefully inexperienced; like virgin-level pure. It was downright criminal for someone that sexy to be so untouched.

What choice did she have? She couldn’t leave her bestie to make a fool of himself with the woman he’d loved since he was a teenager. She’d give him a few pointers, let him practice a few kisses on her, maybe teach him a slow burn kiss, or the right way to cup a woman’s breast, then send him on his merry way. He just needed a few kisses under his belt and he’d be fine for his date.

The bumped heads and smooshed noses Chloe expected. What she hadn’t counted on, was liking Liam’s kisses. A lot.

When the practice sessions become a major turn-on for Chloe, how will she keep her pesky libido in check? And worse, how was she supposed to hand him over to another woman after she’d fallen for him so hard?

The First Hundred Kisses is the first book in the Practice Makes Perfect Series. Careful, steamy scenes ahead!

Romantic Suspense

Put a pyromaniac in a corner and watch her burn

Fire was my only companion. A burning light in a world otherwise filled with darkness. A life of pain and abuse I never thought I’d escape.

I’m still not convinced I have.

When friendly Santa-figure turned trucker, Al, finds me at a rest stop and offers me a job at his idyllic farm in small-town Nebraska, the picturesque family life is more than I could hope for.

And his youngest son, Kyle, is a dream romance that I don’t deserve.

But no dream lasts. As a new nightmare begins, I’m back where I started. Captive. Abandoned. Alone. And staring into the flames.

Except this time the embers are dying, and when the monster in the dark enslaves my soul, no one will stoke me back to life.

Content Warning: This book contains instances of abuse that might be troubling to some readers including physical/mental/sexual.

Two Hearts. One soul.

Two Hearts-One Soul.

Soul mates and past lives were a thing college freshman, Naya Adams, never batted an eye at. It was the stuff of fairy tales. Not real life. Until one day she walked into her acting class and felt her body literally pulled in the direction of another student named Etash.
She can’t shake the feeling that she knows him, but she has never met him before.

Or has she?

Naya will soon discover that she and Etash are Twin Flames. The literal other half of the same soul. Twin Flames will span centuries looking for their missing half.

Now that they have found each other, will their bond burn bright or turn to ash? After all, Naya has a boyfriend. A dangerous one.

Get Pulled in…

If you like Stephenie Meyer or Kiera Cass, you’ll love this star-crossed lovers’ romantic suspense!

Romantic Comedies

Dee takes on a bet to date the alphabet. At 40.

Would you date 26 men in a year for 50K?

Perpetually single 40-year-old Dee Harper decides to take up her rich bestie, Gail, on her dare: 50K to date 26 men, A-Z, in the course of one year. What could possibly go wrong?

A desperate for cash Dee begins her dating journey with Adam the Arrogant, then merges to Brian the Boring, to several letters that blur together in a whole slew of dating disasters that are burned on her brain like Eli the Energetic and Kevin the Klepto.

Join Dee as she navigates her way through the bottom of the barrel of what the male species has to offer, only to discover the cream of the crop in the most unlikely of places.  

The ABCs of Dee is filled to the brim with heart and humor about the joys of dating ‘later in life,’ romance where you least expect it, and the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice. Get ready for laughter, tears, and all the good feels.

One small town. Three big romance

Julie Green was NOT having a midlife crisis.

Nor was she running across the country away from all of her life’s mistakes. She was simply starting her life over in a small town where no one knew her or her past.

That had been the plan anyway.

When a case of mistaken identity catapults her into the public eye, Julie has to decide if she wants to be a movie star’s doppelganger with all the perks of wealth and glamor that comes with fame, or if she preferred a quiet life with that devilishly handsome widower who she might just be falling for.

Doppelganger is a sweet romance filled with humor and heart. It is part of the Later-In-Life series set in the small town of Bucksville, New Hampshire. Other books in this series include Must Love Coffee and Taking Stock. Each book can be read in any order.


Fantasy with a splash of romance


Flatline. The moment when one life ends and the next begins. That’s my cue. Being a banshee is a right pain in the arse. When I’m not ferrying souls through the veil between worlds, I’m training in secret for a war our King denies is coming. But I know better. An army of Lorcan monsters stands ready to breach the wall. If they succeed, the destruction they seek will not be contained. My only hope is to rely on the aid of a cocky prince with his own agenda. But after a human man captures my interest, will I be able to accept the terms of the prince’s aid?


Our paths were never meant to cross. I’m meant to live my human life, unaware of the world that exists beyond the veil. But when Taryn and I collide, my world flips upside down. Nothing makes sense anymore. Logic tells me to run as far as I can from Taryn and the nightmares of her world but my heart screams at me to follow her to the literal ends of the earth. Even if it means my own damnation.

She hunts the things that go bump in the night.

Spirit Agent Tasha Young has never fit in. Her talents as a modern-day ghost buster make her a loner by necessity. Her job is an easy one. Enter a haunted house, remove the misbehaving spirit, collect the cash, and move on to the next city. When she and her team are invited to Havenwood Falls for a special case, she quickly discovers that this retrieval isn’t a simple bag and tag.

What lurks within is not one aura, but hundreds, and they all have their sights set on Tasha. With only five traps in her possession and a team member already sucked into the spirit world, Tasha is forced to come face to face with her greatest enemy: the Indrori.

If she can’t find her out of the spirit realm in time, the Indrori will win the prize he’s been waiting centuries to claim. The future of Tasha, her team, and all of Havenwood Falls rests on the sultry black-haired beauty with the snake tattoo.


Young Adult

It started as a stupid assignment:

Photograph the moon in all its phases. Child’s play for high school junior Heather Daughtry. Science, she understood. How to be a wallflower, easy. Being besties with an extrovert who radiated awesomeness she had down pat. Getting the attention of boys, however, was a subject she just couldn’t figure out. 

Especially after Josh Gavin, the guy Heather had a major crush on for the last three years, asked her best friend, Trista, to Homecoming instead of her. Her world is turned upside-down as Trista concocts a plan to push Josh back into Heather’s orbit. Trista’s idea would be insane, that much she knew, but she’d follow after Trista…

because that’s what moons do.

Short Stories

A short series of short stories. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this collection of short works by author, Danielle Bannister. In this unique collection, you’ll get insights prior to each story to discover the inspiration behind the words.

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