I’ve taken a bit of a leap and have submitted a story to the new Kindle Vella platform. Not sure what that is? Well it’s a brand new serial story program being launched by Amazon. Weekly, bite-sized content. Kind of like Netflix or Disney + for stories!

I had a novella series I’d been planning for 2024 but now I’ve revamped it and put it up for Vella, with the first story dropping on 8-121, and then releasing every Sunday following for as long as the story feels sustainable.

Where You Left Me coming 8-1-21


Jasmine Fairchild has just been left at the altar. But that’s not where her story ends. It’s where it begins. She’s paid for the church, the reception, and the honeymoon. The guests are all present. All that’s missing is a groom…and she wasn’t beneath asking for volunteers. Her big day was not going to be ruined over a tiny detail of a missing husband. Lucky for her, she found a willing volunteer. A cute one at that.

Unsure how Kindle Vella works? Here’s the breakdown.


Once my story goes live, I’ll post links to it, but thought it would be fun to let you know what’s going on in just a few weeks!

Until then, keep on keeping on my friends!

Danielle Bannister, author and Kindle Vella story writer


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