Harry is welcome at my house.

Well, it’s May 20th, which might not mean much to some of you, but for anyone with a Harry Styles fan in the house, you know it’s release day. My daughter has a slight obsession with the man, and I can’t give her any slack for it because I’m right there with her. (Okay, maybe not to the same extent but I can appreciate talent. And that man has it in spades.) I’m not going to stay up until midnight like my daughter did to listen to the album the second it dropped, but it will be on heavy repeat today. I appreciate talent but I like sleep more.

The day the pre-order dropped for the album, I instantly bought two copies. One for the house and one for the car. Yes, I know I can just listen on my phone, and I absolutely will, but we needed the CDs too.

When my daughter started listening to him years ago, I by osmosis, had to listen to him too. Even in the 1D albums, I could always pinpoint Harry’s voice, because it was the strongest. Sorry, Zane lovers. I said what I said. Since departing from 1D Harry has continued to make musical choices that are bold, original, fresh, and fun. He pushes expectations from everything from lyrical choices, to sound, and style, and it’s refreshing and beautiful.

If you haven’t seen much of Harry, or don’t know him outside of 1D, might I suggest these examples that highlight his diversity? (I threw in a few live performances too because that’s the true test of a singer for me.)

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have an album to listen to.

Danielle/Dani Bannister, writer and member of Harry’s House


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