Another Cover Reveal? Say what?

One of the things about doing a rapid release (or rapid for me) is that you have to plan stupid far ahead for things. For instance, Vol. 3 of Where You Left Me releases on 8.9.22. That’s all fine and good. It’s got ARC readers, the manuscript is uploaded, I’m working on promo graphics, etc, but there was one slight hiccup with my plans. I can’t actually release Vol. 3 without the link to order Vol 4. That would break the buy-through chain (an author no-no.) Okay. Fine. I’ll do a pre-order link. No biggie. Except, in order to make a pre-order, you need the cover.

Flipping through my planner, I looked for when I’d booked my designer. I’d booked her for AFTER Vol. 3 released. Well, that’s not helpful. In a panic, I asked if she could squeeze me in sooner, and because she’s a rockstar she got me in.

That means I can show you the cover reveal for Vol. 4, which is now also up for preorder!

It’s peachy-keen!


They’re in love. Right?

Shawn has left her. Again.

Their love story isn’t traditional, but Jasmine thought it was real. Now he’s walked away. Does that mean he doesn’t love her? Or does he just need time?

Jasmine wants to believe their love will endure, but when a new guy in town sets his sights on her, she doesn’t know what to do. Should she wait for Shawn, or take a chance on a sure thing?

If you like fake marriages, steamy love scenes, and happily ever afters, you won’t want to miss the fourth installment of Dani Bannister’s Where You Left Me.

Reading order

WHERE YOU MET ME (Free prequel chapter)



WHERE YOU LEFT ME, Vol. 3 (8-9-22)

WHERE YOU LEFT ME, Vol. 4 (Pre-order)

Until next time, friends!

Dani/Danielle Bannister author and cover revealer

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