Nanowrimo…I bid you adieu

Here it is ladies and gentlemen the Top Ten reasons why I will not be finishing Nanowrimo this year.

10. I suck.

9.  I fell behind and was never able to catch up.

8. I have two small children.

7. My husband was in not one, but TWO plays this month.

6. Thanksgiving. At my house.

5. Breaking Dawn midnight premiere.

4. Daylight Savings time ended.

3. My job is overwhelming all of a sudden.

2. My country begged me to stop.

I do everything Uncle Sam tells me to do. Don't you?








…and finally, the number one reason why I stopped Nanowrimo this year…

1. I just couldn’t produce crap in order to get the word count. 


In the end, that was what did it.  I just don’t write under that sort of pressure. My ideas need time to stew. I need to sleep on things.  Take a moment to ponder. Nanowrimo discourages that. Just write, they say.  Just THINK, I say.

To all those Nanowrimo people still rocking the word count, I take my hat off to you.  But for me, I’m done.


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