Daily Dose pt. 8

Okay, like it or not, here comes your Daily Dose Post.  So far we’ve learned that Etash and Naya have felt something strange when they get too close to each other. A strange force seeming to pull them together.  Here Etash watches from his chair as Naya tries her best to participate in her acting class. To start reading at the beginning you can click here




I can feel his eyes on me as I try desperately to follow the professor’s instructions. My head is screaming at me to turn around and march back to my seat—back to him, but I’m refusing to listen.


Forcing my body into the positions Professor Williams gives us, I deliberately avoid eye contact with anyone. Just focus on the movements, Naya. Arms over head, right knee up, and twist. Ow. Other side. Good.


After leading us through Salute to the Sun, a yoga pose I thankfully already knew, Professor Williams excuses us and asks for a few more volunteers. Etash, mercifully, jumps out of his seat before I can approach him and joins the next group and stands in profile.


Rolling up his sleeves as he moves forward he exposes more of his glorious, glowing skin. Looking at the dark curls on the back of his head, it dawns on me that I haven’t really seen his whole face yet, noting how careful he has been to keep his face hidden. Carefully, I steady my focus on the top of his head. Not wanting to risk looking in his eyes again, I skip past them, remembering their blackness from when he came in. Moving to safer territory, I take in his nose, which is straight and thin. His jaw is slightly chiseled, showing off amazing cheekbones. His lips are a bit smaller than my full lips, but far from thin. And those curls! Dark and lush, hugging every contour of the right side of his face.


I can’t help but notice that Etash is exact opposite of Seth with his surfer-blond hair and pale blue eyes.


That’s when it happens. He turns his face with the movements and I see what he has been so carefully hiding from everyone since the moment he walked into the class: a long, painful and angry looking scar runs from the corner of his left eye and down past his jaw line before it disappears under his shirt.


Seeing his beautiful face mutilated, my heart lets out an involuntary cry knowing it must have once caused him extreme pain. I’m overcome with irrational fury toward whoever caused it.


You would think that his scar would make him less attractive. But it doesn’t. In fact, it does just the opposite. He is positively stunning.


Unfortunately, my peers don’t seem to agree with my assessment. Listening to their hushed whispers as they stare at him makes me want to turn around and pummel them all.


Whoa! Naya, chill out! You don’t even know this guy!


Needing to play it safe, I keep myself as far away from Etash as possible. Which thankfully, Professor Williams makes easy by keeping us on our feet for the remainder of class, so I just counter every move Etash makes while he seems to do the same.


When class finally ends, I’m surprised to find that my heart skip a beat watching him disappear off the floor with a herd of other students. I deliberately stay put, chatting nervously with the tall brunette who pulled me onto the floor earlier. I think she said her name was Kari, but I’m not even sure who I am at this point. Although I want to give this girl my undivided attention, I can’t help but stare at Etash as he storms out of the room, my entire body mourning at his departure.



That’s it for today. Comment and share at will!


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