Are we ready for it?

A new year is upon us. Many look at this month as a fresh start. A chance to finally get it right. It’s a time of year when people make unrealistic expectations about themselves and what they want to accomplish, and by February, we might end up feeling like complete and utter failures. Why do we do this to ourselves year after year?

I wish I could say I was different. That the turning of the calendar at my house was just the turning of another page, but I fall victim to it, too. I set goals. I dust off projects I’ve put off. I use the dreadmill as more than as just a large paperweight. At least, for a little while. Then the brain has a clever little way of whispering excuses into our ears. Excuses we KNOW are flat out lies, but the brain is sly. It offers us an out. And we take it. Why? Because putting the hard thing down makes life easier. The excuses reset our routine back to our predictable norm, until it’s December and we kick ourselves for not doing the thing we set out to do.

So, this year, I’m trying something new. I’m going to plug my ears. Yes, I know my brain will just scream those excuses to put the hard thing down louder but I can put in earplugs. It may be a feeble attempt, but one I am willing to try. At least through January. 😉

Happy New Year all.


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