I am giving myself a star. You should too.

Remember when we were kids and our teacher would give us a gold star when we did something good?  How we would almost burst from the pride we felt getting that tiny symbol of accomplishment?  Well who says the kids should get all of the encouragement for a job done well?  Not me!

Ah. my beauty...
Ah. my precious…

Accordingly, I’ve started a star program at my house for me and my writing goals.  Lame, I know, but it MAY just give me the boost of motivation and encouragement I need to FINISH THIS BOOK!

The plan is simple. Take a sheet of those multiple colored stars and assign a job to them. Finish that job, get the star.

A RED star means I’ve written in my journal

A GREEN star means I’ve blogged (woot woot! Green start coming my way today!)

A SILVER star means I’ve done some sort of marketing (no silver beauties in a while…could be while sales have plummeted. Ha!)

And last but not least, the coveted GOLD star is for days I’ve actually had the time to sit down and WRITE.   Since starting this new project a week ago I have accumulated only one, ONE, gold star.  I suck.


There is one sticker left in my collection. BLUE.  It’s my favorite color, and I have decided, dear reader, to give that blue star to you for taking the time out of your insane day to read my rambling.  Well done you!

You feel better?  Don't ya?
You feel better? Don’t ya?


Danielle Bannister,

Author of Pulled and Short Shorts



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