The winners of the FB Pulled Back Again release party will be posted here and on twitter. I will try and update the winners every hour so be sure to check back here!

Swag Pack #5 goes to Melissa Brsycki-Willard

e-book of A Changed Life goes to: Bobbye Hope Booth

Swag Pack #4 Melissa Toppen

e-book Of Gaea: Heidi Gossman Burrows

Swag Pack #3: Heather Atkinson Puckett

3 copy of Patriotic Duty: Robin Parks

Laura Howard Swag Pack: Gina Bertolino

3 e-copy set of Three of Hearts, Three of Spades and Three of Diamonds: Desiree Smith-Adams

copy of Beyond Control: Amy Miles

3 e copy set of Ruby Blue, Deja Blue and Sky Blue: Stephanie Philbrook

Swag Pack #2: Victoria N.

ecopy of Shattered Edge: Valorie Hakola

Swag Pack # 1 Ashley MacDermott

e-copy Waiting for Spring: Judith Lauren Frazee

Swag pack #6 Joely Bogan

e book of Never Say Never: Caroline Brearey Shahid

Signed Paperback of Adam’s Apple AND and e-copy of Private Message: Gina Bertolino

e copy of Adam’s Apple AND a SWAG pack from Danielle Torella is: Melissa Brzycki-Willard

Lizzy Ford tote and swag pack: Gina Bertolino (she’s on fire!)

SAE Swag pack and tote: Kellee Fabre

e copy of L.M. Augustine Patricia A. Kammeyer

e copy of Amy Miles Trilogy: Heidi Burrows

Swag Pack #7 Angela Dominichelli

More winners to come!

Danielle Bannister, Author!


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