What’s new in the world of DB Books?

It felt like an update was in order since my last post. Since that time I have created a brand spanking new book trailer for PULLED. Because the covers changed, the old trailer was outdated. I’ll be working over the next several weeks to modify the others as well. But, for now, here is the link for the new trailer if you are interested. (You can also click on the side bar that says watch the Pulled Book Trailer)

Pulled Book Trailer

Click ^^^^^ to watch

As for writing news, Amy and I, are in our ‘Swap Edit’ phase of NETHERWORLD (where we each review the others chapters for editing).  After those are complete we will be sending them to our Beta Readers for them to review. Beta Readers are those wonderful souls who dare to read over professionally unedited material and help us discover plot holes, confusing bits and inconsistencies. We love our Beta Readers! When you are writing, you get too close to the project and often times can’t see what is wrong with it.

After those comments come back it’s off to the professional editor. While that is being edited, we work on our cover designs.  It’s going to be a fast few weeks here as I work on this, so my posts may be a bit less frequent.  Here are a few teaser images for that book just to keep you ahead of everyone else!


NW1 (2)



NW hospital promo

Danielle Bannister, Author and Teaser Image Making Machine.



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