Let’s go crazy!

Let’s get nuts! (Pause for a Prince dance break…)

So I’m going to be doing something crazy tomorrow (2-6-18.) I’m going to be taking to Facebook and doing my first solo LIVE broadcast. *gulp. I have done Facebook Live broadcasts before with my author pal RJ Keller, but this will be my first solo outing. Hence the nerves.  I haven’t cemented the time, as it may take me all day to build up the courage to do it (and maybe some wine, too.)  I’ll be doing these LIVE broadcasts every Tuesday until the release of Must Love Coffee happens and maybe after that depending on how things go.

dopp and mlc sale and pre order

I also wanted to let you know that in anticipation of Must Love Coffee‘s release, I have put Doppelganger on sale for 0.99 cents.

Finally, I wanted to invite you to a private group for anyone that wants more Danielle insanity in their lives. If you want to join in the fun. Just click on Write all the words, Danielle and I’ll let ya in!

Okay, that’s all for now. Perhaps I’ll see some of you tomorrow on the LIVE broadcast. *gulping again.

Danielle Bannister, Author and Facebook LIVE person-thingy


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