I’m going dark

For those of you with kids you know there is a dark day coming up: The Last Day of School. Yeah. It’s coming.


For me, as a writer, it means days filled with trying to cram in a sentence here or there while my 6 and 8 year olds tug on my shirt( begging me to take them to the beach) are close at hand.


So in the ONE full day I have left before I have to chaperone school field trips (WHY did I volunteer to do this?) I must write like there is no tomorrow. Cause in theory, there isn’t. Until September. Which means, today, I’m going dark.  Once I drop off the kiddos, I’m off line people. I mean it. I WILL NOT check facebook until 3:00.  I WILL NOT check my kindle sales. I WILL NOT check how many hits I’ve had on this blog post.  (Seeing these statements in print might actually make me stick to it)


While I’m busy writing, I want you to make sure you leave a comment on the post highlighted HERE to enter to win a FREE copy of R.J. Keller’s Waiting for Spring.  I’ll be having my kiddos pick a random name from those who leave a comment tomorrow, so today is your last chance!


1 thought on “I’m going dark”

  1. Although you will be “going dark” on line. can I assume that you will continue to feed the voracious appetites of your Betas with your pearls? (Because I believe in supporting my fellow artists by direct purchase of their work, I have already ordered “Waiting for Spring” from Amazon, so you need not include my name in the drawing.)

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